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Elegant Catering Service History Since 1987

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Achievements in the year of 1987

Exquisite Italian Cuisine found it's way to Naples when Chef Gianfranco Loreti opened his showcase restaurant...... Ristorante Ciao.

The rest is history....elegant food, outstanding service and a personal touch on everything Ciao attempted. 

“A meal to forever remember"!

Achievements in the year of 2006

2006 is a landmark year for Ciao. 

In 2006, Carol Beth Rosen, becomes Chef's partner and Ciao's Managing Partner.

 Carol Beth brought to Ciao the fruits of her Business Management experience which launched Ciao into the next level of efficiency, customer service and the personal touch that Chef prided himself in.

Achievements in the year of 2021

2021 brings an end to 35 years of Zagat rated "Excellent" Italian cuisine. 

Ristorante Ciao closes on Mother's Day. 

An end of an era of being considered one of the best Italian Restaurants in Southwest Florida. 

Long time customers who became family to Chef and Carol Beth flocked to Ciao when they hear they are closing.

 Most with a tear in their eyes to say goodbye where over 35 years they had family celebrations, corporate events, the famous Ciao "Wine dinners" and party catering.

Two and three generations of customers experienced the "Ciao Touch". 

"A meal to forever remember"!

Achievements in the year of 2021

As one door closes another opens.

Beginning the Fall of 2021 Chef begins to cater private parties and cook intimate dinners in his customer's homes.

Scores of his loyal Ciao "family" ask him to bring his extraordinary skills and personal touch to their homes and parties.

Chef can't refuse....because family is forever!!!

A new era in Ciao begins!!!

Achievements in the year of 2021

Chef asks his trusted and indispensable Partner Carol Beth to again partner up with him and join forces in starting a intimate dinner and party business.

They in turn, ask Dr. James P. Verbist to join them and bring his skill set to Ciao to create the perfect solution to your catering needs.

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