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Our Team

Professional Team 

Chef Gianfranco Loreti

Executive Chef

Chef originally from Colle di Tora northeast of Rome came to the United States in 1980.

 While vacationing in Naples he fell in love with what he saw ……..he made Naples his new home.

For almost 35 years Chef has dedicated his life to his true love… and creating  relationships with his clients. 

For 35 years Chef’s passion for quality, seasonal ingredients has been a constant.

Carol Beth Rosen

Managing Partner

Carol Beth has spent the last 15 years as Chef’s Managing Partner of  Ristorante Ciao .

She has helped Chef for 15 years to bring a brand of exquisite Italian cuisine to the City of Naples they are proud of.

When you think of Ristorante Ciao you think of quality, caring and outstanding customer service to go with outstanding food.

Carol Beth uses her Corporate Management skills to help create an atmosphere of professionalism and old fashion customer care.

Dr. James P. Verbist 

Operations Partner 

James has come on board to assist  Chef and Carol Beth with furthering the brand they created at Ristorante Ciao.

James has over 40 years of overseeing the daily operations of public entity food service programs.

His unique skill set will seamlessly further the brand Chef and Carol Beth have painstakingly nurtured.

Together, they have created a brand that is second to none.

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